IT job market in Scotland

After the Scottish job market started to gain momentum over the summer, signalling the Scottish labour market was recovering from the crash of last year, we’ve seen a reverse trend emerging in the last couple of months. This new trend shows a fall in the number of permanent and temporary job vacancies and re-iterates the concern that we’re not out of the woods yet. The new figures show labour market conditions in Scotland falling even further behind the rest of the UK with unemployment rising to above 8%.

However, for IT professionals the news isn’t all bad. The IT and computing sectors have seen the largest number of vacancies appearing across all sectors. In particular, for temporary workers the industry has had the highest demand for 10 months running – a trend we foresee continuing in to 2011. Adding to the choice of roles now available – in particular for temporary workers – IT professionals can now expect slightly higher salaries, as the lack of skills in the marketplace push the dynamic towards a candidate power hold.

Even with these falling rates causing a lot of gloom in the market place, we are predicting a positive turn within the next few months as large employers aim to create new jobs – and aiming to do it in Scotland. The likes of Esure snapping up those made redundant by RBS and Barclays announcing the creation of 600 new jobs and creating a centre of excellence in Scotland is hopefully a driver for new investment and a great sign of things to come.

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Helen Bayram